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Quick-Complete System

  1. Login
  2. In the Scout Dashboard in the upper-right corner you will see a red link for "Quick-Complete System" - click this link
  3. In "Step 1: Add your Ranks" click on the box for Scout - enter the date (month/year) of completion for Scout
  4. Do the same for Tenderfoot, Second Class, First Class, and Star (don't forget to check the box to the corresponding rank and then fill in the date of completion)
  5. In the upper-right corner of the Quick-Complete section you will see an green arrow with the wording "Step 2" in it, click that green arrow
  6. This will bring you to where you can add all the merit badges you completed
  7. Once completed with merit badges click on the "Finish" button and your timeline will be up to date.
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Invite Parent to Scout account

  1. LogIn from the Scout's existing account
  2. Click on “Settings” in upper-right corner
  3. From drop-down menu, select “Invite Parent/Guardian”
  4. Add edit/parent email address and hit “Send”
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Connecting account to Facebook

  1. Log into ScoutMode
  2. Go to Settings (upper right corner)
  3. Click on the 'Edit Personal Information' in the dropdown
  4. In Guardian's Information you will see Facebook (grayed out)
  5. Click on the Facebook (grayed out) box
  6. Follow the next instructions on the page
  7. The next time you go to login to ScoutMode you will be able to press the Facebook key on the login page - as long as you have logged into Facebook from the computer you are currently using.
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Why did you choose to discontinue Troop support?

After the BSA acquired Scoutbook we reconsidered our focus and our core product. We originally built a site that focused on a modern design and ease of use to help parents and scouts more efficiently track a scout's progress through to their Eagle rank-so we'll continue doing what we do best!

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Will I be able to keep my free account?

We are moving to a paid platform on 4/27/16. At that time all free beta plan users will need to move to a paid $10/yr plan (that comes to only $.83/month) to continue having access to their account.

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Why would I keep using Scoutmode if my Troop uses another tracking software?

We think it's really important for parents and scouts to keep their own records of their ranks and badges. In our many years as Scouting leaders we've seen scouts drop out of the program because their troop lost their records. Consider us the "Dropbox of Scout Tracking". Isn't it worth $.83/month to have a back up?

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How will the new pricing work?

After 4/27/16 you'll be prompted to enter in a credit card number to access your account. We will bill you $10 for an entire year of access, no matter how many scouts you track. You will be billed on your annual anniversary until you request to cancel your account.

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Why is my badge being placed in another rank than where I try to add it?

Our optimizer makes it simple. Add your badges in quick complete, or as you earn them and we'll place both Eagle required and Elective Badges in the best rank. The problem with manual tracking is sometimes scouts earn badges and place them in various ranks, while not staying focused to complete the current rank they are working on. We created this logic to keep scouts on task and help them more efficiently earn each rank. The optimizer places merit badges based on completion date. So your first elective badge completed will fall in the first elective badge opening.

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