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Our commitment to our Scouts and their Parents:

  • Did you know that only 6% of Scouts earn their Eagle rank? Our #1 goal is to improve the number of Scouts that complete the program.
  • Our product will be useful, basic and clear.
  • Our customers come first. We will provide you with the best customer service possible. We will respond to your inquiries quickly.
  • We make it easy. Export your data anytime and import into additional scout/troop tracking sites.
  • Breed the spirit of Scouting. Through taking the complexity out of Scout tracking we hope to improve the Scout’s experience.
  • Easy and predictable pricing. For a flat rate of $10/year for unlimited scouts, have peace of mind your data is always backed up.

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Why use us?

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Merit Badge Optimizer

Have you ever been confused and unsure of the best rank to assign your badges to? Are you struggling to find ways you can earn your Eagle faster and more efficiently?

Our optimizer makes it simple. Add your badges in quick complete, or as you earn them and we'll place both Eagle required and Elective Badges in the best rank.

Merit Badge Optimizer Trees

Real-time Timeline

Shows the Scout’s 18th birthday so you can see how much time is left in the program to achieve Eagle Rank. An orange ticker shows the current date in relation to the scout's 18th birthday.

Every completed rank and merit badge will be added to the timeline according to the date of completion.


Colorized Ranks & Merit Badges

As ranks and merit badges are completed a bar showing a completion percentage will colorize below the image.

The images of the ranks and merit badges will colorize and appear automatically on the Scout's timeline.

Colorized Ranks & Merit Badges Boat
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Rank & Merit Badge Check Boxes

Requirements for each rank and merit badge are available in the application. The Scout and Parent have access to the tasks required for completion of a rank or merit badge before starting, or going to the Scoutmaster for information.

When the Scout completes a requirement they can easily click the box to show it's finished. ScoutMode will keep you organized with the number of requirements required to complete each rank and merit badge.

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Work in Progress

We know that Scout's work multiple merit badges at a time. Easily update your dashboard at anytime: while at home, at school, in a meeting, or in front of the campfire.

Work In Progress Mountains
Blue Card

“Blue Card” Upload

Each time a Scout completes a merit badge they receive a “Blue Card” from their Scoutmaster that proves completion.

This feature will allow a Scout to take a picture of the card and upload to the merit badge. If the Scout ever loses the “Blue Card” a copy is available online.

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“Quick & Easy” Set-Up

This feature allows for active Scouts to override all the completed requirements and quickly add ranks and badges to a Scout's timeline.

Quick & Easy Set Up